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Nurturing the Whole Body

Loveland, OH – I haven’t always been a health nut so I understand cravings and hesitancy to change. Years ago my fruit for the day was a fruit roll-up– yes, even as an adult!!  Consequently, there’s NO judging on my part. I meet each woman where she is in her journey to reclaim health.  I’m passionate about educating and empowering women to truly nourish their bodies, mind, and souls.

Do you  just want to feel better?  Do you feel like there’s something missing in your life?

I believe, to really be healthy, we need to nourish our body, mind, and spirit. While healthy foods definitely give us an advantage, we also have to take the time for self-care, for fun, & for quality “me” time. I can guide you through this process!

I can help you learn how to optimize digestion and to make eating decisions based on your body’s needs. I will teach you to listen for the body’s signals that it needs support, as well as to understand how the body works. Loving yourself is the key to improving your health, and it benefits other relationships and endeavors as well.

I’m thrilled you’ve taken this step in exploring possibilities for improving your digestion! You’re worth it!

Along with your experience and input, there are some very useful tests we can use to determine current food sensitivities, GI dysfunction, and adrenal stress.  These tests give us specific, accurate data to pinpoint systems of the body that need functional support and healing.   I’ll use the results, your clinical presentation, and current dietary habits to guide you on a healing path.

These changes often result in alleviating digestive ailments, blood sugar dis-regulation, joint pain, headaches, & other symptoms of nutritional deficiencies.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” -Albert Einstein

Holistic Nutrition

Our body requires proper nourishment from food to function effectively. The foods we eat directly impact our day to day functions. Ailments we might consider a part of who we are may be remedied by changing a few components of our daily diet.

Our body’s health can also be hindered by toxins in our environment. I offer many resources and options for eliminating toxins in the home as well as for supporting our overall health.  There are so many facets to wellness. We often  inadvertently neglect key pieces that can significantly improve our body’s daily function.

As an unlicensed health counselor, it is important to understand that I do not diagnose or treat disease. My approach is to support the foundations of the body so that it can function optimally.


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